The following roof batten splicing details are recommended to adequately provide lateral restraint to the roof truss top chords for all metal sheet roofs.

Batten tie down and size to be designed by others

Rules given in AS4440 must also be followed which include:

  • Do not splice battens on girder trusses
  • Fix each batten to every lamination of every truss with minimum 2/nails
  • Adjacent battens should not be spliced in the same point
  • Not more than 1 in 3 battens to be spliced on any truss top chord
Design criteria
Roof material Steel Sheeting
Truss centres 1200mm maximum
Batten size 35 x 70 min. 45 x 90 maximum
Batten spacing 1200mm maximum

Option 1

Figure C1-04-02-01

Option 2

Figure C1-04-02-02

Option 3

Figure C1-04-02-03

Option 4

Figure C1-04-02-04

Option 5

Figure C1-04-02-05