“The Guide” is intended to be used only for roof trusses supplied by accredited Multinail Truss Fabricators.

"The Guide" is intended as a guide only to the installation of Timber Roof Trusses and should only be used by properly trained and qualified staff who are competent in the installation of roof trusses.

If you have any doubts about using or interpreting “The Guide” please do not hesitate to contact your Truss Fabricator or Multinail Australia for advice and assistance.

As truss installation invariably involves working at heights, you should undertake a risk assessment for all construction sites as well as following all relevant workplace safety practices and legislative requirements.

This guide is based on Australian Standard AS4440 - Installation of nailplated timber roof trusses.

Before commencing, you must check that your building falls within the limits shown in Section 2.

Before you erect trusses you must check to ensure that they comply with the specific requirements of the job.

Special consideration is required for the support of additional loads (e.g. hot water tanks, solar heaters, air conditioners, etc) or the construction of buildings to withstand high wind loads.

You must ensure that all the relevant information has been passed to the truss fabricator and that you use trusses only in the application for which they are intended.

Before you erect trusses, you must inform the roof truss supplier of any scaffolding, edge protection devices, anchor points, etc. with the potential to add loads to the structure at any stage of construction.

The supporting structure must be adequate to support and hold down the trusses and their associated roof, ceiling or floor loads.

You must fully understand the information contained in this brochure plus any supplementary information before attempting to erect trusses.


A timber truss is an engineered structural component, designed and manufactured for specific conditions. You must not remove timber (e.g. by sawing) from any part of the truss as this may seriously impair its strength and lead to failure of the structure.