Top Chord Apex Joints

Standard Truss Apex

Half Truss Apex With Overhang

Half Truss Apex Without Overhang

Skylight Truss Apex

Vertical Web to Top Chord

Standard Heel

Standard Heel

Cantilever with Supplementary Top Chord

Nailplate Parallel to Top Chord

Scissor Heel

Scissor Heel

Cantilever with Chock Plating

Normal Plate coverage onto Bottom Chord applies

Plating Option A

Plating Option B

Intersection reference point

NOTES: 1. X is referred to as the measurement along the length of the plate. Y is referred to as the measurement across the width of the plate.

2. When X or Y is = then the plate shall be positioned, for the relevant direction, centrally around the point indicated. (This does not apply to some heel & truncated hip joints. Refer to diagrams).