Trusses may be transported either vertically or horizontally. Regardless of the transport orientation, all trusses must always be fully supported.

No excess from the tie-down straps or bracing should be on any part of the truss.

Trusses should be inspected on arrival at site. Any damaged trusses should be reported immediately.

Do not site repair any truss without the approval of the truss fabricator.

Bundles (or individual trusses) should be stored flat and kept dry. Gluts or packers should be placed at 3000mm maximum spacing to support the trusses off the ground.

Protection from water

To ensure the long-term structural integrity of trusses, the trusses must be protected from exposure to water. This applies to the timber from the time prior to truss fabrication to after the time the roofing material has been installed. Failure to protect the timber from water exposure may lead to failure of trusses.