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Steel Nogs

The Multinail Steel Nog system is designed to replace timber nogs.

Benefits of galvanised Steel Nogs: 

  • Faster to install, which can potentially increase production efficiency by up to 30%
  • More practical, reducing factory labour time and increasing wall production output
  • Lighter and easier to handle, reducing the weight of frames by removing timber nogs
  • Better accessibility, making it easier to run electrical wires and plumbing in wall cavity area

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Two individual rows of Steel nogs are required to replace a single row of timber nogs.

  1. Maximum rebate depth at the stud 10mm
  2. Fix to first and last studs with 2/2.5Ø hardened, screw shank, gun nails
  3. Fix to remaining studs with 1/2.5Ø hardened, screw shank, gun nails
  4. Cut to length after nailing by using powered reciprocating saw
  5. Maximum wall height of 3m
  6. Design studs as per AS1684

Note: All nails need to be 32mm long x 2.5Ø hardened screw shank nails and comply to AS2334-1980 or ASTM F1667-15.


Used in replacement of traditional timber nogs

Detail B


Manufactured from 0.8mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

Reference CodeProduct CodeDescriptionQuantityKg.
SNG4800 SNG4800 35mm x 6mm x 0.8mm - 4.8m 1 1.5