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Internal Wall Bracket

Pre-punched and formed galvanised steel brackets used to secure internal walls to roof trusses

Designed to restrict wall movement while permitting the truss to free span.

Multinail Internal Wall Brackets should be fixed to trusses to stabilise walls.


Application above non-loadbearing walls

  1. Fix to the wall top plate with 3/30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail nails.
  2. Fix to truss bottom chord or nogging with 3/30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail nails. Allow 3mm gap between nail head and bracket.


  • Nails to the bottom chord of a roof truss must be located at the top of the slots to allow downward movement of the chord under load.
  • Do not fix too tightly or deform the Internal Wall Bracket in the process of nailing.
  • To be installed at 1800 centres maximum on internal walls.
  • Fixing of block pieces or nogging to wall top plate in accordance with AS1684 series




Manufactured from 1.0mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

DescriptionProduct CodeReference CodeCarton quantityCarton kg.
122 x 45 x 55mm TA310 IWB-100 100 5.5
122 x 45 x 55mm TA010 IWB-300 300 16.5
Pallet bin TA010W IWB-P 12000 640.0
122 x 45 x 55mm FWB100 FWB-100 100 5.5
122 x 45 x 55mm FWB300 FWB-300 300 16.5
Pallet bin FWBP FWB-P 12000 640.0
30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail Nails (TA302)