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Triple Grip

Available in left and right profiles, Triple Grip are strong and economical connectors for timber joints

These pre-punched and formed galvanised steel timber connectors are:

The economical way of achieving a strong, rigid structure.
Quick and easy to install.
Available in two profiles - Left Hand (LH) and Right Hand (RH).
More effective than skew or end nailing; and
Have the necessary strength to ensure transfer of load forces across the joint.


Triple Grips are typically used for the following applications:

Connecting of Rafters to Wall Plate

Connecting of Roof Trusses to Wall Plate.

Jack flyovers to truncated truss


Joint GroupTie down capacity (kN) per Triple Grip
Dead Load + Wind Load
J2 4.3
J3 3.1
J4 2.2
JD3 4.3
JD4 3.1
JD5 2.5

NOTE: The capacities are derived from AS1720-2010 and are for uplift in houses where failure is unlikely to affect an area greater than 25m2. For primary elements in structures other than houses or elements in a house for which failure would be greater than 25m2 these capacities must be multiplied by 0.94. For primary joints in essential services or post disaster buildings multiply by 0.88. For 2/Triple Grips the table values can be doubled.


A minimum of 10/30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail nails must be used to fix each Triple Grip for full tabulated values.


Manufactured from 1.0mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

DescriptionProduct CodeReference CodeCarton quantityCarton kg.
LH TA312 TGL-100 100 7.0
RH TA315 TGR-100 100 7.0
LH TA014 TG-L200 200 14.5
RH TA015 TGR-200 200 14.5
30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail Nails (TA302)