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Laminating Plate

Formed galvanised steel connector designed to provide an effective means of fastening two timber members together under high loads

These formed galvanised steel connectors:
Incorporate preformed teeth making it quick and easy to press into timber.
Teeth are spaced accordingly to eliminate timber splitting.
Twisted tooth provide reduces tooth withdrawal.


The method of joining timber using Multinail connectors to form members of length, depth and breadth required by today’s builders and architects is engineered and marketed under the trade name of MultiLam.

Multinail fabricators have the ability to maximise the value and flexibility of their timber stock. Furthermore, it is possible to rationalise the range of length and sizes kept for special tasks.

Multilam timber can also be manufactured for resale to stockists or builders. You can develop a new range of customers who may otherwise have difficulty in obtaining cost effective timber supplies in the sizes that they require and in an acceptable time frame.

Vertically Laminated:
These are manufactured by stacking two sections one upon the other and joining them with Multinail nail plates to produce a deeper section. The size and spacing of the connectors is engineered to give a manufactured member with the strength and deflection characteristics in accordance with AS1720 Timber Engineering Code.

Manufacturing Specifications:
In general, it is important that tight quality control is maintained to produce a uniform final product with adequate strength. Manufacturing specifications are detailed in Quality Procedures Part B4. It is important that operators read and comply with these specifications.

The resultant joined member exhibits no different characteristics than a solid member when used in accordance with approved timber-sizing tables for domestic buildings.

The joining details are to be determined specifically for the application using a specific engineered design.


Manufactured from 1.0mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

DescriptionProduct CodeReference CodeCarton quantityCarton kg.
75 x 100 x 1.0 MK75100 LP075100 200 13
75 x 150 x 1.0 MK75150 LP075150 192 18.8
100 x 150 x 1.0 MK100150 LP100150 126 16.3