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Connector Plate

Multipurpose timber connector for joining timber with timber

These pre-punched and formed galvanised steel timber connectors are ideal for:
Joining timber side by side and for butting timber members together.
Formwork, house frames and joining wall frames at top plate level.
Fast construction joining of timber frames using nails.


Multinail Connector plate is easy to install. Simply use 3/30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail galvanised nails to each connecting member to achieve the maximum load as per table below.


Load CaseLimit State Design Capacity (kN) for all sizes in the range
Dead Load 1.6 1.2 0.8 1.6 1.2 1.0
Dead Load + Wind Load 3.2 2.3 1.6 3.3 2.4 1.9

NOTES: The uplift in capacities are derived from AS1720-2010 and are for houses where failure is unlikely to affect an area greater than 25m2. For primary elements in structures other than houses or elements in a house for which failure would be greater than 25m2 these capacities must be multiplied by 0.94. For primary joints in essential services or post disaster buildings multiply by 0.88.


Manufactured from 0.8mm Galvanised G300 Z275 Steel

DescriptionProduct CodeReference CodeCarton quantityCarton kg.
100 x 60 CP10060 CP10060 100 5.0
30mm x 2.8Ø Multinail Nails (TA302)